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The HVAC Experts

4 Tips To Save Money While Using Heating And Cooling


It involves the usage of heating and cooling system to make sure that the house will stay comfortable all throughout the year. There are several people however who might be using their air conditioning system throughout the year while others might be depending heavily on their furnace. Regardless of where your location is, there are a lot of homeowners who devote nearly 50% of their utility budget on the use of HVAC.


In the next paragraphs, you are going to learn about the different ways of controlling your spending habit for your utility bills.


Tip 1. Use a programmable thermostat - it is a wise move to install a programmable thermostat in case you don't have one. This electronic device lets you to set parameters for both highest and lowest desired temperature during summer and winter months respectively. You can even lower or raise these temperature points in times when the household members sleep or away. This is also done to be able to save more cash in the end. Click here to learn more.


Tip 2. Do regular cleaning - check both the airflow registers and the vents of your system. This is important to make sure that they are unobstructed and clean as it allows full airflow. Believe it or not, even placing furniture or drapery over the register can reduce the airflow significantly. Clean registers and baseboard heaters to keep them dust free.


Tip 3. Use window coverings - windows are a great source for loss of heat throughout winter months and heat gain as well during summer. You can reduce your energy loss every year by managing coverings and windows. During winter, open the drapes on day to emit light. Keep drapes open so long as there's sunlight entering and close it when it disappear. Keep window coverings drawn over windows without exposure to sun, especially in night to insulate the windows. Throughout summer months, keep your blinds and curtains closed to be able to block the sun's rays.


Tip 4. Maintenance - your heating and cooling system requires regular maintenance in an effort to keep them efficient all year round. Scheduling tune-up at the end of summer season before heating season begins will give professional technicians enough time to inspect the heating and cooling Tucson system. This inspection will be critical as it includes air filter replacement and checking of the ductwork.


Be sure that you take these things into mind to optimize your energy consumption and at the same time, prolong your heating and cooling unit. To understand more about HVAC, visit